mr-beneficialAs a student of life for over 35 years, what has emerged from my story is a belief that ‘Learning through experience is Everything’.

From Family

The youngest of six immediate siblings, with an additional eight older siblings from step-family, subsequently meant I was raised, mostly, by my nine sisters/step-sisters from birth till seven years of age - my formative years. Suffice to say, my unusual family upbringing, with all fourteen siblings has a constant impact and informed my way of life until this present day.

From Culture

A Moari from the Kaipara, I lived in New Zealand until 1986 when, by that stage, only my father and stepmother were around. Leaving home to make my way in the world, I experienced my first plane journey, landing in Australia with eyes wide open. It wasn’t until I reached Alice Springs the following day, I was welcomed with 42 degree heat which was an experience that no one I knew had experienced previously. I felt lucky.

From Schooling

Attending twelve different schools through my schooling has exposed me to many different situations, probably more than the average person would experience in a lifetime. Through it, I’ve ascertained that one can choose to learn from experience and grow, or choose to see the negatives and withdraw. The choice is yours.

Undoubtedly, I consider myself lucky to have experienced a journey that most people don't get to experience.

So, that's part of what makes me, me...

But the reason you're here is because you're interested to know what I can do for you, whether we're on the same page and what sort of service I provide exactly.