Undoubtedly you will have some questions for me and how it all works, I've tried to answer some of the more popular questions I receive below. Please be sure to call or email me with anything else you'd like to know.

Where would we meet?

I'd be happy to meet you at the location of your choice, but to put that into perspective, I mainly service the Perth metro area from Two Rocks to Mandurah and east to the Perth Hills. Outside of this area would be considered rural and would incur an additional surcharge according to the travel requirements, however, it can be arranged - be sure to mention your locality when making an inquiry.

What are your rates?

Please let me know if you are a concession card holder, whereby you may be eligible for a discount, otherwise, my rates are as follows:

Initial consult: $55 (ex GST)
One off sessions: $210 (ex GST)
3 month Coaching (9x Sessions): $1715 (ex GST)
6 month Coaching (18x Sessions): $3075 (ex GST)

Initial consult: $75 (ex GST)
3 month Learning & Growing: $2100 (ex GST)
6 month Learning & Growing: $4000 (ex GST)
12 month Learning & Growing: $7000 (ex GST)

What qualifies you as a Life Coach?

  • 35+ years being a student of life, watching and observing human behavior in a broad range of environments and situations
  • Four years of direct sales leadership training and representation, which had me interacting with all walks of life from the deeply in debt to millionaires, university educated to the illiterate. You might be surprised that the level of schooling often doesn't correlate with the success status you might have expected.
  • Team sports leadership, playing a variety of sports both in Australia and New Zealand introduced me to numerous dynamics of people and organisations which have added layers experience with life and people. Captaining many sporting teams I played in helped me develop and realise my talent for understanding people and how to get the best not an individual but groups of individuals working together, to find acceptance, understanding, and compassion for one another.
  • My Large Family Upbringing, though largely dysfunctional, has shaped a deep understanding of human relationships. With nine older sisters, I didn't always get to express my opinion but it enabled me to observe life in all facets and develop compassion that most don't get the privilege. My sisters had a massive impact on my development and instilled in me many great instincts and behaviours, ie: loving, caring, understanding, compassion, thoughtfulness, acceptance of others (without false judgement),  the list goes on.

Ready to take the next step?

Why not meet with me for an initial consult where we can explore the possibilities of working together for your greater good? From there, the sky is the limit!