Helping you to:

  • Be okay with yourself &/or choose something different 
  • Eliminate doubt from your life
  • Reduce stress & your reactions to things
  • Enhance your daily happiness
  • Increase self-awareness & understanding
  • Improve self-esteem & confidence
  • Change anything & everything you choose to
  • Be equipped to achieve Anything
    • Especially your wildest dreams which may seem beyond you

What do I actually do:

  • Spend time with you doing what you enjoy, getting to know you in the process.
  • Help you to understand the dynamics of your life/sport/relationships and understand why they may be the way/where they are.
  • Educate you on the importance of acknowledging your thoughts and feelings and processing them productively.
  • Take you beyond your comfort zone to show you the joy and importance of mindfulness.
  • Be a living example of all the above; reinforcing and reiterating the fundamentals:
    • Respect for self by being; true, honest, clear, believing, certain and open.
    • Respect for others by being: understanding, thoughtful, consistent, persistent, caring, loving, positive, happy and giving of self.

Are you with me?

By now you might have an idea of who I am, what it is I do and whether I could assist you to move in the direction you want to head, but it's likely you'll have some questions. Am I right?