helping-hands_GREYI am Mr Beneficial ~ I am here for YOU.

Contentment, Fulfillment, Never-ending Happiness and True Success, sound good?

As Mr Beneficial, Wayne Parker is a 'Mind Mentor' offering a Life Coaching service which will bring harmony to your life - should you choose to accept it.

Why are you where you are? Why haven't you achieved what you may have expected? What's blocking you and holding you back?

You're sure to discover aspects of your being which you weren't aware of previously, and you'll develop the skills to determine what's in your best interests.

Maybe you're scared, afraid, lacking belief and confidence and you don't know it. Maybe you want to live life on your terms and find out if it's possible to unlock your best self!!

Age is not a criteria, I believe people experience similar things but at different stages of their lives, and if you're ready transformations can be made.

Coaching Kids

Enable children to live life to its full potential without having to travel through years of self-doubt, feeling unworthy or negative perceptions that may be installed subconsciously.

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Coaching Parents

Such a transitional time can become very difficult to navigate for both parent and teen. Find a pathway to understanding each other's point of view and mutual fulfilment.

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Coaching Mid-Life'rs

Breakthrough to understand where certain actions, thoughts and feelings are coming from. Regain your power and strength to find your path, your purpose, your gold.

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Next Steps...

It's as simple as picking up the phone and starting a conversation with me, but before you do, why not find out more about me and who you'd be adding to your 'team'.